EIA Process

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on the forest area

An EIA process should include : 

(a) identification of potentially significant environmental impacts such as steep topography, and habitat requirements of endangered species based on the integrated inventory 
(b) description of options for mitigating environmental impacts; and 
(c) identification of mitigation measures to be implemented such as functional zoning to identify protection and production areas, limitations on harvesting activities or subscribing of techniques to reduce impact of harvesting.

Following the assessment of environmental and social impacts and incorporation of measures for mitigating the identified impacts into the management plan, the management can identify the net production area and existing estimated volumes of the PFE or forest area (MC&I 6.1). Scheduling the harvesting of compartments (or logging blocks) within the net production area should be based on volume control within each compartment (or logging block) to meet the annual allowable cut for the PFE. (MC&I 10.1).
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