Monitoring Procedures

Monitoring Environmental Impact

Regular monitoring of activities and performance within KPKKT are undertaken at a level appropriate to the scale and impact of management operations, and relative to the complexity of the related environmental, social and economic circumstances. The results of regular monitoring are fed back into the management planning process. 

Monitoring and survey procedures may be simple and based on easily obtained information. Records of all monitoring activities are be kept. Monitoring parameters include, where appropriate:

  1. Yield of forest products harvested.
  2. The regeneration, growth rates and mortality of forest species.
  3. Composition and observed changes in the flora and fauna.
  4. Environmental and social impacts of management operations.
  5. Effects of operational activities on soil conditions.
  6. Effects of operational activities on quality and quantity of the water resource.
  7. Costs, revenue and productivity of forest operations.
  8. Fire, disease and pests.
  9. Activities of contractors and subcontractors

The MC&I require an on-going monitoring of the environmental effects of forest management particularly with respect to soil erosion and water quality (MC&I 22.3). There is also a requirement for monitoring environmental impact which should include changes in bio-diversity and other ecological processes due to forest management operations (MC&I 19.4).

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